Welcome to our latest Gin News Roundup!  Yes, even in the Christmas period it’s still all happening in the world of gin…

  • Hedgehog Stars In New Campaign

Northamptonshire gin producers Warner Edwards have kicked off a new ‘farm-grown gin’ campaign with an ad spot that seems designed to position the distillery away from the unwelcome awful-bearded-hipster image many fancy new gins aspire to.  The ad shows a very cute hedgehog exploring a field of Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin bottles, and in return Warner Edwards are supporting the Hedgehog Street campaign to help our cute, spiky friends survive the winter. Splendid stuff!

  • Ryan Reynolds Mocks Faddy Craft Gin Marketing

Aviation Gin owner Ryan Reynolds is at it again. The shy, retiring Hollywood star, who has appeared in these pages before after drinking a horrific cocktail on live TV, features in a new p*ss-take Aviation ad mocking the kind of earnest craft gin campaigns that focus on heritage, provenance and hipstery fads.  Among other amusingly dubious claims, Reynolds declares that the oranges used in Aviation’s production are misted with his tears and that his distillers rise at 5am for a four-hour meditation before commencing work.  There’s also some delightfully unnecessary swearing.

  • Pinkster Raises £1.1m to Fund Expansion

Raspberry-based pink gin Pinkster has announced that a successful private financing campaign has resulted in a £1.1m fund to grow their brand.  The gin, which is listed in major retailers including Majestic, Selfridges and M&S now looks well-placed to capitalise on pink gin’s growing popularity.

  • Scottish Distiller Sends Boozy Baubles To US

Edinburgh-based Summerhall Distillery has secured business funding from HSBC to finance a huge shipment of their Pickering’s Gin Baubles to the US in time for the festive season.  The gin-filled Christmas Tree decorations have exploded in popularity in recent years, growing from a few hundred units in 2014 to 1.2 million baubles this year.

  • Edinburgh Gin Distillery Plans Challenged

Edinburgh Gin’s previously-reported plans for a new distillery in the city’s East Market Street have run into trouble after a local architecture historian pointed out that a proposed raise to the perimeter wall will block a classic view of the city’s Calton Hill. Local residents are now objecting to the plans, but the distillery is yet to comment. Watch this space…

  • Racecourse Turf Gin

Dorking distillers The Gin Kitchen have teamed up with Lingfield Park to produce Lovely Lingfield – a gin including the famous racecourse’s turf as one of the botanicals.  The gin, which also includes a variety of other botanicals sourced from the estate including Bramley apples, lavender, rosehip and lemon mint, will be served at the venue’s onsite bars and a bottle will be presented to owners of the winning horses.

  • And Finally… ‘Anti-Ageing’ Candles May Reduce Will To Live

In a brave move for a company previously reprimanded by the Portman Group for wrongly implying that their product has health benefits, tragic attention-seekers Collagin have launched a £25 ‘anti-ageing’ G&T scented candle in what is no doubt an extremely wise usage of the £50k they got out of the Dragon’s Den. Ironically, the very existence of ‘anti-ageing candles’ actively diminishes this column’s lifeforce, but sadly the Trades Descriptions Act is no longer a thing, so presumably they’ll get away with it. Ryan Reynolds would not approve.

That’s it for this week’s Gin News update, folks.  Merry Christmas and (try to) tipple responsibly!