Welcome to the latest edition of our increasingly unmissable Gin News Roundup! We’ve been scouring all available news channels, filtering hundreds of websites and ploughing through literally dozens of press releases and industry newsletters in order to bring you this pared-down, jazzed-up summary of the least unimportant events in the Juniperverse this last fortnight, from the likes of Chapel Down, Graham Norton and Marks & Spencer. Let’s crack on, shall we?


  • Edinburgh Gin’s Full-Strength Rhubarb

Edinburgh Gin are pushing to capitalise on the success of their excellent Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur (only 20% abv, but delicious with a glass of tonic) by launching a full strength Rhubarb & Ginger Gin!  The new line has an RRP of £28, which seems eminently reasonable, and will be available in the very near future in Sainsbury’s (Scotland only) and John Lewis (UK-wide).  We can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle…


  • Koppar-Kats

Swedish brewers and distillers Kopparberg, most famous in this country for their sticky strawberry and lime ‘cider’, which contains 53g (thirteen teaspoons) of sugar per bottle and is much beloved by people born this century, are introducing a new gin flavoured with, er, strawberry and lime.  

The company, who recently launched an alcohol-infused sparkling water (no, really) claim that their “premium fruit refreshment positioning” will set Kopparberg Premium apart from other pink gins on the market, and are supporting it with their new ‘Outside is Ours’ ad campaign that definitely is NOT a reference to the public parks in which many of their products are consumed by teenage children…


  • Graham Norton’s Own Pink Gin Wins Big At WWSA

It’s barely a month since we informed you that Tesco’s had picked up Father Noel Furlong Graham Norton’s Own Pink Gin, but the cuddly Eurovision presenter already has more to celebrate, as it’s just picked up Gin Of The Year at the Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards!  It’s another major gong for Irish gin, after Dingle Gin’s triumph at the World Gin Awards in February. Marvellous!

  • Deep South in London

Meanwhile in further Gin Gong news, South Africa’s Deep South Cape Dry Gin has won Gin of The Year at the London Spirits Awards, beating Norway’s Harahorn Small Batch Gin and Chalgrove Artisan’s OX44 Gin into second place by 93 points to 92. Oswestry-based Henstone Gin was another point back, with 91 points enough to secure a Gold Medal and joint third in the gin category.

  • Chapel Down Goes RTD

It’s all about the RTDs these days.  Last time out we told you about Sipsmith’s new premix cans, while a month ago we brought you the news that Fleabag’s hot vicar had boosted sales of M&S’s Gin & Tonic premix cans.  In between, Diane Abbott did an unexpected M&S endorsement too.  And in the latest RTD news, Kent winery Chapel Down are pitching in with a new premix G&T made with their grape and grain-based Bacchus Gin.  The 250ml cans are available in Selfridge’s and on the Chapel Down website, very reasonably priced at £30 for a dozen.

Perhaps if summer arrives it’ll all be worth it…


  • And Finally… More Juniper, Vicar?

Now, where’s that Brexit shoehorn? Ah, here we go… It says here that one British gin producer, the possibly nominatively-indeterminist Naomi Joy of Vicars Gin in Worcerstershire, has resorted to planting her own juniper just in case those dastardly EU mandarins cut off our supply after you-know-what happens. The newly-planted juniper bushes, if they survive, should be capable of producing berries in 3-5 years, so there’s plenty of time…

Right, that’s your lot for this week! If you enjoyed our news update, seek help and then check out our Gin News Archives!!