Welcome back to the Gin News Roundup! You might think this’d be a quiet time in the Gin world – but you’d be wrong!  Here’s the latest Gin stories to cross our desks.

  • Fill ‘Em Up!

Sustainability! It’s a big deal these days and we’re delighted, therefore, to help publicise the latest ingenious wheeze from the Isle of Man’s Fynoderee distillery: the Manx mavericks have declared that any previous customers can bring their old bottles to the distillery and get a refill for cheaper than the price of buying a new bottle!  Huzzah!

  • Gin Boosts Diageo Takings

Hard on the heels of last month’s news that gin sales had helped Halewood International to bumper profits, there’s more good news from Diageo: the industry-straddling colossus has announced that their thriving gin brands Gordon’s and Tanqueray helped propel the group to a 5.8% year-on-year increase in net sales for the second half of last year, with operating profit up 11% to £2.43 billion (yes, Billion). Trebles all round!!

  • Ki No Bi Pops Fizz Banger

Innovative Japanese distillery (Obi Wan) Ki No Bi, have partnered with posh fizz producers Henri Giraud Champagne to launch Ki No Bi Edition G a 48% gin believed to be the first ever to be matured in Champagne casks.  Despite retailing at north of £70, the debut batch of Edition G sold out on its first day and more is being produced for a worldwide rollout later this year – watch this space!

  • England Now Just One Big Distillery

It’s official: there are now so many new English distilleries that they’ve overtaken Scotland (numerically at least, if not in capacity).  Official figures from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) reveal that the number of operating distilleries in England in 2018 grew to a colossal 166 – six more than the Scots, who could manage only a paltry 160.  The WSTA is in no doubt that this rise is almost exclusively down to bearded hipsters with retro tattoos and grotesque loops of skin where their earlobes used to be new gin distilleries.

Impressive stuff, no doubt, and we can expect the number of English distilleries to keep rising for a while yet as the gin boom continues.  Of course, the Scots are still way ahead in terms of distilleries per head of population, with one distillery per 34,000 people as opposed to England’s feeble one per 400,000 (according to our back-of-a-napkin calculations), so maybe the English shouldn’t be boasting too much just yet…

  • And Finally…

Hats off to dear old Marks & Spencer’s – although no doubt there’s plenty of pink Valentine’s tat on their shelves as well – for making a song and dance about their new Lemon, Gin & Tonic Sauce! Balls to St. Valentine – bring on St. Pancake!!


That’s yer lot for now, Ginthusiasts – come back soon for more Gin News!