Happy Solstice, everyone! Here’s the latest Gin News with everything from new sweetie-flavoured launches to a heartwarming recovery story from Masons Gin and the latest viral gin action…


  • Pernod Finalises Malfy Acquisition

We first told you about this back in April, but spirits giant Pernod Ricard have finally confirmed the acquisition of Malfy, the Italian super-premium gin.  The brand will become part of the group’s premium-focused business The Gin Hub, which also stewards the group’s Beefeater, Plymouth and Seagram’s gins.


  • Brown-Forman Buys Fords Gin

Jack Daniel’s owner Brown-Forman have belatedly entered the premium gin category with the acquisition of The 86 Company and their main brand Fords Gin, a collaboration between Simon Ford – who previously worked for Seagram’s, Absolut and Pernod Ricard – and Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers.


  • Pink Gin Tube Lady Goes Viral

The latest gin-related Twitter sensation is another woman drinking premix cans on the Tube – but the catch is that the cosmetically-enhanced glamourpuss has taken Tube drinking to the next level, by bringing an actual wine glass to sip her pink gin from.  So in other words: if you’re posh you can do whatever you like, but if you’re Diane Abbott, you’re going to get slaughtered in the press and have to apologise…


  • New Flavoured Gin Launch Roundup

The summer flavoured gin boom is upon us, with some of the new trends beginning to emerge.  Floral and sweetshop flavours seem to be in this season: Asda have a new range including Lemon Sherbet, Pear Drop and Parma Violet gins (hmmm), while Stiffy’s Shots (see last roundup) have got their own Boë Violet gin thing into Scottish Co-op stores and Lidl’s new range includes Strawberry & Elderflower, Heather Rose and Coconut Old Tom expressions…


  • Masons Gin And Boutique-y Launch Smoky Gin

Meanwhile, Atom Brands’ That Boutique-y Gin Co. already have plenty of floral and sweetie-flavoured gins in their portfolio, so they’re going the other way – with the launch of Smouldering Heights, a new smoky gin created by the addition of peated malt (more usually associated with Islay whisky) in the botanical mix.

Smouldering Heights has a slightly eerie backstory – the smoky gin is produced for TBGC by none other than Masons Gin, whose distillery in North Yorkshire burned down in April, causing the postponement of Smouldering Embers’ launch.  Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the blaze and Masons Gin are expanding in the aftermath, with Smouldering Heights – whose concept and design were finalised well before the fire occurred – an emblem of the firm’s phoenix-like recovery.

That’s it for this month – have a wonderful weekend, everyone!