Time for another Gin News Roundup, folks!  While you were sleeping, gin news was happening. Here’s what caught our eye recently:

  • Brewdog’s Lone Wolf Rebranded

Lone Wolf, the distilling arm of shouty, attention-starved brewers Brewdog, have unveiled a rebrand of their Gin and Vodka.  The new design is hoped to provide greater shelf visibility before Christmas and to help integrate future new products as the company adds more spirits to its portfolio.

  • Fever-Tree Pairs With John Lewis

After the recent announcement of their Advent Calendar tie-up with Waitrose, Fever-Tree are partnering with John Lewis in the form of a set of G&T-themed Christmas crackers. These Christmas must-haves will be available at pop-up Fever Tree Festive Emporia in flagship John Lewis stores or online, with eight pre-selected combos priced at £8 each or as a pack of four for £32.

  • Gin-Inspired Beer?!

Here at TGL we’re well aware that Gin has become something of a bandwagon, and we understand that, but still… what fresh hell is this?!

  • Balloon Glass Serve Criticised

There’s a cycle for everything. Something new comes along, it’s fun, it gets popular… and then a bunch of experts jump out and tell you that you’re doing it wrong! That moment has arrived for the trend of serving G&T in big glasses.

Well, I don’t care – here in good ol’ Blighty we don’t like experts, remember? Bringing everyone down with their facts and logical arguments… If you’re drinking your gin in a big stemmed goblet, IT’S FINE. The only problem is the ice melting too quickly, so common sense is all that’s required:

  1. Hold the glass by the stem, that’s what it’s for. Don’t cup it in your hot, sweaty mitts.
  2. Use proper ice that doesn’t melt really quickly and turn your drink into watery tonic with a hint of juniper.
  3. Sit in the shade out of direct sunlight.

Seriously, these are all things you should be doing anyway! Fake News, nothing to see here…

  • Bombay Sapphire Introduces Edible Paint

Because of course they did. They sat down and asked themselves – why don’t people eat paint? Why doesn’t paint taste nice? They spotted the gap in the market, they realised that what we were all crying out for was gin-flavoured edible paint, and now if you run out of gin you need worry no more, you can lick it off the walls instead.  Civilisation, Key Stage 23: Achievement Unlocked.

  • Teenager Creates Alcohol-Free Gin

File under ‘Things You Know You’ll Never Need’: a teenage do-gooder has invented a gin with no booze in it. I should be cross about this, but ‘Driver’s Gin’ does seem quite wholesome, although the Norn Oirish teen in question may have been assisted by the fact that her parents just happen to own a distillery. No doubt they’re horrified by all the free publicity they just happen to be getting, which we’re now equally guilty of…

  • And Finally…

Some things are just obviously wrong. White sugar in coffee, brown sugar in tea, the war in Iraq, toilet rolls hung to dispense towards the wall… and Snoop Dogg not having the record for the world’s biggest Gin & Juice.

Ugh, Downer Ending this week! It’s enough to make a grown man cry. Come back soon for more Gin News, hopefully we’ll have something more joyous to tell you about…