How quickly the weeks roll round! It’s time for another of our Gin News Roundups, and there’s plenty to tell you, with a takeover at Inverroche distillery, a craft gin from Plymouth and more – so let’s crack on…


  • Hebridean Gin From Isle of Raasay

Tomorrow (Saturday 3rd August) just happens to be International Scottish Gin Day [Wait, is it international or Scottish? – Ed.], and in a splendid piece of timing the Isle of Raasay distillery have announced the launch of their new Hebridean gin. The gin, entitled simply Raasay, augments a classic botanical blend with the slightly less common rhubarb root and uses a triple-distilled Isle of Raasay spirit made on the distillery’s Frilli pot still as a base. Raasay is bottled at 46% and will retail around £35. The gin is believed to be the island’s first ever legally-produced spirit after centuries of illicit distillation and comes ahead of the company’s first single malt, which is expected to debut sometime next year.


  • Hendrick’s Going Underground

Those wily wags at Hendrick’s have a splendid new wheeze: attempting to make the journey through King’s Cross St. Pancras a less soul-crushing experience via the means of an olfactory floor wrap.  A 70-metre tunnel is to be enlivened by Hendrick’s gaudy imagery, with scented posters wafting aromas of rose and cucumber among the weary commuters and traumatised tourists.  The compassionate aim of replacing London Transport-induced lifechoice regrets with an urge to drink nice gin seems both achievable and endearingly humanitarian, so we wish them luck.


  • Pernod Picks Up Inverroche

Hard on the heels of their acquisition of Italian brand Malfy Gin, Pernod Ricard have gone further afield for their latest foray into the gin world, with the purchase of a majority stake in South Africa’s Inverroche Distillery. Inverroche was founded in 2011 and uses wildflower botanicals known as fynbos sourced from the local Cape Floral Mountain shrubland – including sour fig, honeybush and wild garlic – to create a classic gin and two variants of differing hues known as Verdant and Amber.


  • New Plymouth Gin From 170-Year-Old Recipe

Closer to home, England’s oldest gin producers Plymouth Gin have got with the times and released a craft gin – but it’s from a 170 year old recipe!  Master Distiller Sean Harrison has recreated an 1842 recipe found in the vaults [it says here] to produce the remarkable new gin, which uses just two botanicals: orris root and juniper, the latter harvested in a single day on the hills of Frontignano in Italy.  The resultant small batch gin – Mr King’s 1842 Recipe – is limited to 2000 cases, has been bottled at the distillery’s traditional 41.2% and will retail around £45. Tantalisingly, Mr King’s 1842 Recipe is apparently the first in a series of new small batch gins from Plymouth – so watch this space…


  • And Finally… 

The rise of the non-hallucinatory cannabis compound Cannabidiol (CBD) continues apace, so inevitably there’s a new Navy Strength CBD-infused gin on the market. Now, we applaud this development as much as any other former hippy student, but still… asking thirty quid for 100ml seems pretty far out (man). What on earth have Top Beverages been smoking…?