Here we are again, folks – it’s time for your regular Gin News Update!  Get up to speed with all the latest gin news in one place…

  • UK Gin Sales Climb 267% In 10 Years

New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have confirmed the remarkable rise of gin over the last decade, with sales up from £130m in 2009 to over £461m last year, a rise of 267%.  The growth is particularly marked in the last five years, with sales doubling from £230m in 2014, and the UK’s dominance of the market is confirmed by figures showing that UK-manufactured gin accounts for 72% of EU gin production, with the nearest competitors Spain (11%) and the Netherlands (4%). Cheers!

  • Savoury Gin Launched By Borough Market

Borough Market have teamed up with the East London Liquor Company to produce a ‘herbaceous and savoury’ gin in time for Christmas.  Borough Market Gin’s botanicals include the likes of fennel seeds, thyme, winter savoury, sage and bayleaf in amongst the more traditional flavours, and 1000 bottles are available from the market’s Information Office from this week priced at £32.99.

  • Charity Gins At The Double!

We like a good news story here at The Gin Lounge, so we were delighted to read about a couple of worthy new launches.  First up is Dorset firm Conker Spirit’s new Navy Strength Gin produced in collaboration with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).  The gin includes hand-harvested marsh samphire from the Dorset coastline and £5 from every bottle will go to the RNLI.

Meanwhile, up in Perthshire, the Persie Distillery has introduced Spaniel Gin to help the Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society (PADS).  The gin includes mace and cinnamon botanicals for a warm, spicy character and the distillery is donating £1 from each bottle sold, plus an annual lump sum to help PADS provide care and shelter to abandoned dogs in the local area – a great idea with Christmas coming up.

  • Eden Mill Pop-Ups in Debenhams

Craft gin’s invasion of the high street continues, with Scotland’s Eden Mill distillery following up their successful launch in Glasgow’s Prince’s Square with a string of pop-up gin bars and shops in Debenhams across the UK for Christmas.  We can’t help feeling that this is a great idea – who doesn’t need a G&T when they’re battling their way around a department store doing their Christmas shopping?

  • Death’s Door Distillery Bites The Dust

In sadder news, US ginmaker Death’s Door could be expiring, with the Wisconsin distiller filing for bankruptcy.  All hope is not yet lost, however – the Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows Death’s Door to continue operations as it restructures and tries to find a buyer for the business.  Fingers crossed…

  • Recommended Reading: Weird Gin Ingredients

Remember when Hendrick’s came out and cucumber in gin was the weirdest thing you’d ever seen? We’ve all come a long way since then, haven’t we? With the proliferation of new gins it’s impossible to keep up with the list of weird and wonderful new botanicals appearing every week.  We’re indebted, then, to The Drinks Business for putting together a list of some of the most bonkers crimes ever committed against juniper spirits in the name of innovation. From truffles to motorcycle engine parts, it’s all here…

That’s your lot for now, folks! Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground – more Gin News very soon!