Welcome back to our latest Gin News Roundup!  This week it’s a special focusing on one of the UK’s top gin awards events of the year – the Spirits Business Gin Masters 2019!

Gin Masters 2019

The headliner was the triumph of Cotswolds Dry Gin, which picked up a Master in the London Dry category and then won the subsequent taste-off with the other Master award-winners to take home the coveted Gin Taste Master Award as the overall best gin of the awards.  This is a fantastic achievement in a crowded field of over 300 entries, so congratulations to the Cotswolds Distillery, who have only been around since 2014 but have picked up a slew of top awards for their gins and whiskies.  

We’ll be looking at Cotswolds Dry Gin in more depth in a future post, so let’s round up the Masters for the rest of the awards categories:

  • Standard Gins (Up to £15)

No Masters were awarded in this category, but it did produce five Gold Medals, including two gongs for Aldi, for Harrison’s Gin and Darley’s Gin, and a Gold for their rivals Lidl for their Hampstead Premium Gin.


  • Premium Gins (£16-£20)

A thin flight with only three medals awarded, but notable for ubiquitous behemoth Gordon’s London Dry Gin only managing a Silver Medal, while Lidl’s Aquine Scottish Craft Gin won the category’s only Gold.


  • Super Premium Gins (£21-35)

Predictably, this was a hotly-contested category, yielding two Masters and ten Gold Medals. The Masters were won by Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin and Masons Yorkshire Lavender Gin. We’re particularly chuffed for Masons, who suffered a devastating fire at their distillery in April after a still exploded. Congratulations!


  • Ultra Premium Gins (£36+)

As you’d expect, competition was fierce in this category and the standard was high. A total of five Masters awards were handed out, with Northern Ireland’s Rademon Estate Distillery winning two of them for their Shortcross Gin and Shortcross Bartender Series One – a remarkable achievement!  

The other Masters in this category went to Scilly Spirit Distillery’s Island Gin, Glenrinnes Distillery’s Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin and North Uist Distillery’s Downpour Gin – Congratulations, all!


  • London Dry Gins

A huge category that unsurprisingly yielded the highest number of Masters awards.  Atom Brands’ That Boutique-y Gin Company took home three Masters for their Smoked Rosemary, Fresh Rain and Moonshot Gins, and the rest went to Spain’s Martin Sesse London Dry Gin, Copenhagen Dry Gin, St. Giles Gin, Foley Wines’ Lighthouse Gin and Cotswold Dry Gin which went on to win the top prize.


  • Old Tom Gins

Just the one Master in this rather specialist category – another gong for the groaning shelf of Japan’s Obi Wan Ki No Bi Distillery for their Tou Kyoto Old Tom Gin.


  • Navy Strength Gins

A resurgent category, with international gins beating out the UK to three Master awards: Congrats to Sweden’s Hernö Navy Strength Gin, Australia’s Four Pillars Navy Strength and Germany’s Hannover Gin Atlantic Crossing.

That’s about it for the main categories – anyone interested in  ‘Contemporary’ gins, gin liqueurs, flavoured gins and the like can check out the full results here. Congrats to all the winners!